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General Editors: Martin Butler and Matthew Steggle

Associate Editor and old-spelling editor: José A. Pérez Díez

From left to right: Erin Julian, David Lindley, Helen Ostovich, Domenico Lovascio, Martin Butler, Suzanne Gossett, Colin Burrow, Janet Clare, Anthony Parr, Lois Potter, Linda Phyllis Austern, Lucy Munro, Clare McManus, José A. Pérez Díez, Richard Dutton, and Matthew Steggle. (Photograph taken at Lincoln College, Oxford in March 2019.)

The team of editors who are in charge of the individual works in modern spelling are:

Colin Burrow (All Souls College, Oxford) - The poems

Martin Butler (University of Leeds) - The aristocratic entertainments

Janet Clare (University of Hull) - What You Will

Richard Dutton (Ohio State University and Queen's University Belfast) - The Malcontent

Suzanne Gossett (Loyola University, Chicago) - Sophonisba

David Lindley (University of Leeds) - Antonio and Mellida and Antonio's Revenge

Clare McManus (University of Roehampton) and José A. Pérez Díez (University of Leeds) - The Faun

Lucy Munro (King's College, London) - The Insatiate Countess

Helen Ostovich (McMaster University) and Erin Julian (University of Western Ontario)  - The Dutch Courtesan

Anthony Parr (University of the Western Cape) - Histriomastix

Lois Potter (University of Delaware) - Eastward Ho!

Matthew Steggle (University of Bristol) - Jack Drum's Entertainment

Our Associate Editor and old-spelling editor is:

José A. Pérez Díez (University of Leeds)

Our Research Fellow and old-spelling editor is:

Maria Shmygol (University of Leeds)

Our advisors are:

Linda Phyllis Austern (Northwestern University), musical advisor

M. J. Kidnie (University of Western Ontario)

Domenico Lovascio (University of Genoa), Italian advisor