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David Lindley

David Lindley is a Professor Emeritus of the University of Leeds where he taught for many years in the School of English. A career-long interest in the relationships of music and poetry is reflected in publications from Thomas Campion (1985) to Shakespeare and Music (2006), as well as in essays on, and editions of, court masques. It was working on the masques for the two marriages of Frances Howard that sparked his interest in her turbulent and scandalous history, and issued in The Trials of Frances Howard (1993). Among his more recent publications are editions of 11 masques in the Cambridge Works of Ben Jonson (2012), the second edition of his New Cambridge Shakespeare edition of The Tempest (2013) and, with Bill Barclay, an edited collection of essays for Cambridge University Press, Shakespeare, Music and Performance (2017).

For the Oxford Marston he is editing Antonio and Mellida and Antonio's Revenge.