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Helen Ostovich

 Helen Ostovich is Professor Emerita of English & Cultural Studies at McMaster University, founding editor of the journal Early Theatre, and general editor of The Revels Plays and of the digital series Queen’s Men Editions. She is Series Editor of the former Ashgate Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama, now published by Routledge.  As a play-editor, she prepared The Magnetic Lady for The Cambridge Works of Ben Jonson (2012); The Late Lancashire Witches and A Jovial Crew for Richard Brome Online (2009); and with Holger Syme and Andrew Griffin, a volume of essays, Locating the Queen’s Men, 1583-1603 (2009). She has prepared The Ball for The Complete Works of James Shirley (OUP) and The Merry Wives of Windsor for Norton Shakespeare 3. Her most recent essay collections include The Chester Cycle in Context, 1555-1575, with Jessica Dell and David Klausner (Ashgate 2012); The Alchemist: A Critical Reader, with Erin Julian, for Arden Early Modern Drama (2013); and Performance as Research in Early Modern English Theatre: The Three Ladies of London in Context (McMaster University, 2015)  Her current new projects include an edition of The Merry Wives of Windsor for Internet Shakespeare Editions, The Dutch Courtesan for the Marston Complete Works (OUP), and Heywood and Brome's The Late Lancashire Witches and Brome's A Jovial Crew for OUP's 4 volume set of Brome's complete works, based on the digital Richard Brome Online (Sheffield: HRI online, 2009).

For the Oxford Marston she is co-editing The Dutch Courtesan with Erin Julian.